a life less ordinary.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

i'm back!:)

i haven't written in 21 days.


because fucking beta blogger doesn't let me sign in to my account.
hate blogger.

so i went to wordpress.
couldn't get used to it.
i don't like change.
so i made another regular blogger account.

don't want to be in a pissy mood so i will change the topic.

tomorrow is the last rozaa.
i missed only 4 rozaas this year and i'm so happy.
and so proud of myself.

i prayed this year too.

for the first time ever in my life,
i prayed for me.
lots and lots.
and it felt good.

speaking of me,
updates of me.

i'm the same,
nothing has changed.
nothing good has happened,
and more importantly,
nothing bad has happened.

i get my physio done regularly but that's about all.
i haven't attempted to walk again ever since the accident,
but i did stand up a few times.

i will start walking again soon.

God asked me to do it again.
He told me this time it will be different.
and i told Him that this time i will take my time,
so i am.

the physio has helped my right side.
i can hold a pencil now.
i cannot write but i can hold it.

i'm a lefty and i can hold the pencil in my right hand,
so there is a little problem of writing with it anyway.

i got my pakistani ID card finally.
i was so happy!:D

and yesterday i got new clothes.
jeff bought them for me because he saw and noticed my worn out condition.

i got 5 new sweaters.
that made me even more happy!:D:D

i have missed writing so much.
i will write every day.
i have to catch up with 21 days that i didn't write for.

21 days in my life mean 21,
if not more,
events in my life.